Griller Guy Meat Sweats Package
Griller Guy Meat Sweats Package

Griller Guy Meat Sweats Package

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Treat your Griller Guy with the most incredible beef ever to land on his grill.  Seasoned with time, these tender marbled cuts have finished their 3-year, 21-day aging just in time for his big day! 

Indulge him with hand-picked patties, roast, beef hammer, and hard-to-find Denver steaks, sourced from our own ranch, where we raise our animals for a full three years to ensure exceptional quality and flavor.

Each cut has undergone a meticulous 21-day dry aging process, enhancing its tenderness and depth of flavor. Order now to create a cooking experience he'll never forget!

What's included:

(1) Package of four (1/2 pound) patties *80/20

(1) Large Beef Shin

(1) Medium Chuck Roast

(2) Denver Steaks (1 double pack)

All Beef Is:

  • Long-Finish Stock
  • 100% Single-Origin Red Angus Beef
  • Grass Fed, Flax and Barley Finished
  • Hormone Free
  • Frozen & Vacuum Packaged
  • Raised/finished on pasture grass, legumes and small grains/seeds including flax

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Est. in nebraska


3rd Generation

Family Farm

retail store


21 day


Pasture Raised

Hormone Free

All Natural