The Ranch Starter (6 Pieces)
prime beef

The Ranch Starter (6 Pieces)

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Want to try a little beef without committing to a large box?  The Sampler Beef Pack from Pumpkin Creek Ranch is best for trying the legendary 30-month lifespan, dry-aged flavor!  This includes dry-aged steaks, grass-fed ground beef, and high-choice/prime Flat Iron steaks sourced from our regenerative farm and ranch.

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  • 1 Stew Meat (2 lb. Package): Ideal for creating flavorful stews and comforting soups that warm the soul on chilly evenings.

  • 1 Chuck Roasts (Medium, over 3 lbs.): A versatile and flavorful cut, perfect for slow cooking or braising to achieve tender, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.
  • 1 Ground Beef Brick (1 lb.): Craft gourmet burgers, savory meatballs, tacos, or rich meat sauces, ensuring every dish is bursting with robust flavor.
  • 1 Ribeye: Indulge in the rich marbling and bold flavor, perfect for grilling or pan-searing to your desired doneness for an unforgettable steak night.

  • 2 Flat Iron Steak (One 2-Pack): Sourced from the shoulder area, ideal for grilling, broiling, or pan-searing to medium-rare perfection.

30-Month Lifespan: Our beef comes from cows with a three-year lifespan, ensuring optimal flavor and tenderness in every bite.

Hormone-Free: We prioritize the well-being of our animals and the integrity of our products by guaranteeing hormone-free beef, providing you with pure, wholesome goodness.

Finished on Farm-Grown Diet: Our cows are finished on a diet solely grown on our farm, including legumes, small grains/seeds, and flax ensuring the highest standards of quality and freshness in every cut. 

Grass-Fed Excellence: Experience the unmatched taste and nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef, meticulously raised and expertly prepared for your enjoyment.

🛒 Order Now and enjoy true farm-to-table quality and flavor of single-origin, red Angus beef.

Customer Reviews

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My wife and I are pretty picky when it comes to the source of our food, so I was pretty stoked to find Pumpkin Creek Ranch's beef! Their farming practices definitely caught our attention, so we had to give it a try. This package made for some amazing meals! Can't wait to try out their other cuts!

Christine S

The sampler beef pack from PCR is fantastic! The dry-aged steaks and grass-fed beef are top-notch, showcasing the quality of their sustainable farming. Highly recommended!

Tyler B

This is the best beef I've ever used for my stews. Makes the meal so much more enjoyable.

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