Is PCR beef grass-fed?

Yes, but not 100% grass-finished. Although 100% grass-finished beef has been marketed as the highest quality, cows that are 100% grass finished struggle to gain weight, causing the meat to have a leaner, more gamey taste. Single-ingredient diets narrow the nutrient profile of the meat and fail to provide maximum health benefits to the animal during its life. That’s why our Red Angus cattle live long stress-free lives on pasture grass but are finished on a diet of ground flax and barley, alfalfa, millet or oats, hay, and some small grain silage, which are all produced on our farm. Our customers enjoy the most flavorful beef while consuming a wider nutrient spectrum including Omega-3 Fatty Acid from flax.

Do you use hormones?

No, Pumpkin Creek Ranch cows never receive growth-promoting hormones. Instead of using hormones, we have embraced the commitment of time with our animals. Fat becomes richer tasting the older the animal is, so our customers notice the incredible difference in the flavor of our three-year-old beef compared to what they are used to from other retail sources.

Do you use antibiotics?

Due to a healthy diet and environment, we rarely see health issues in our cattle that are common in feedlots. However, in the rare instance that one gets sick, we administer antibiotics so that the animal doesn’t suffer, because we believe it to be the most humane practice. All antibiotics have a withdrawal period in which the animal is prohibited from entering the food supply chain by federal law, and we ensure that no sick animals are used for the beef we offer for sale.

Do you sell halves and quarters?

Yep! We sell whole/half/quarter beef shares. We charge $5.15 a pound (based on hanging weight). We deliver to most of Northern Colorado but offer significant savings for pickup at our processing facility in Pierce, Colorado. Deposit required at checkout with the remaining paid on receipt. The final price is figured after processing. We don't currently ship beef shares out of state.

Where are your cows raised?

Our cows are raised on our family farm and ranch located just 2 hours from Northern Colorado and 30 miles southwest of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Where are the cows processed?

All of our processing is done by the USDA inspected packing plant, Double J Meats, in Pierce, CO.

What is "dry-aged" meat?

Dry-aged refers to meat that is processed and kept at a specific temperature in a controlled environment for at least 14 days. Within the first 14 days, the meat takes on a bold, rich, beefy flavor before the connective tissue begins to break down giving you the tenderness that all high-end beef has (think whiskey or wine). After these processes are complete, we package and flash freeze the individual cuts to lock in the finest quality and flavor.

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes! We ship nationally every Monday. This lowers the chances of your high-quality beef packages thawing in a UPS warehouse over the weekend. To make sure your order arrives frozen, order over $139.99 to give it more bulk.

Do you offer local delivery?

Yes! We offer free delivery to towns surrounding Windsor, CO. We also deliver out to Denver, Estes, Longmont, and etc. for $15. Free delivery is offered to many Colorado cities for orders over $275.00 (based on zip code at checkout). Deliveries arrive on Thursdays. You will be notified by phone when it arrives (similar to the Prime experience).

What area do you service?

Northern Colorado is our shipping home base, which allows us to offer free local pickup and delivery from Wellington to Denver. However, we also ship coast to coast.

Is the beef fresh or frozen?

All of our beef is vacuum packaged and frozen for optimal freshness and flavor.

Do you use mRNA vaccines?

Never. These are entirely unnecessary, and we will not comply with any mandates.

Do you chemically desiccate your crops?

No. Our crops mature naturally without using artificial means to speed up the process. This means no glyphosate is sprayed on the leaves, blades, or stems of the plants we use to finish the cows.

Do you vaccinate your cows?

The only vaccine we administer is a single dose for brucellosis. This is mandated for any beef moving across state lines. Though many other commercially available vaccines are on the market now, we do not participate in any of these programs.