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We are a Red Angus exclusive ranch with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and premium flavor through natural, slow-growth finishing. Our cattle are pasture-raised, hormone-free, and never receive food-grade antibiotics.

Bred for Excellence.

While most ranchers still live in the move-the-product-fast agro-economic model that is more focused on quantity than quality, we like to take our time to do things the right way. We reject the approach of fattening cattle quickly with hormones and bulk selling for little markup because we believe, like a fine wine, good beef takes time. That’s why our cows enjoy three full years on the ranch, eating a diet exclusively from our farm. The result? The highest-quality and most flavorful beef on the Front Range.

Celebration Beef that is Worth Celebrating.

If you’ve ever been let down by trying to recreate your favorite steak from a high-priced steakhouse, you’re not alone. (It’s not you, it’s the beef.) In fact, the cooking method is only a small part of a superb beef-based meal. The more important factors are the age of the animal, the age of the meat, the marbling, the thickness of the cut, selecting the right cut for your palate, and the source. When your beef is high-quality, it’s easy to season. No secret sauces or seasonings necessary!

At Pumpkin Creek Ranch, you can expect consistent flavor and cuts that thaw, cook, and taste the same way, every single time. You can count on us for holidays, birthdays, and those days when you just need to treat yourself to a good meal, because our beef is luxury beef. And the best part? Our sourced beef is available in single cuts! No more buying beef in bulk and worrying about where to store it. PCR is simple, it’s clean, and it’s locally grown.

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