Good beef is hard to find, especially when you need it now!

The finest in flavor is now at your door step.

3rd Generation

Family Farm

21 Day


Raised for flavor

3 full years

Just above Colorado, East of Wyoming, right inside the Nebraska line,

our 3rd generation farm and ranch grows your next memorable meal.

It's slower here,

Nothing is rushed. Even the cows are grown longer - three years, which creates intensely flavored beef.

We've been doing this since 1946,

these bluffs and prairies have always grown incredible beef.

Miles of grass and history,

the Pumpkin Creek Valley was once home to the first ranch in NE and WY.

Everything our cows eat,

is grown in our pastures and on our farm. We control the process.

3 generations of genetics, 3 year life-span, and 3 weeks of dry-aging.

The power of three: We compromise nothing and take no shortcuts.

We are two brothers.

One on the ranch and one in the store in NoCo. Two states - one vision: Grow the Finest in Flavor beef through longer growth, consistent diet, and perfect-aging.

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We ship nationwide and deliver free from Wellington to Denver for all orders $139.99 and above!

what others like you are saying about pumpkin creek beef

Justin K. & Justin W. - Two Fat Justins Food Truck

For almost 4 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with Pumpkin Creek Ranch, utilizing their farm for restaurants and home use alike. Working with Jared and Kendra has been nothing short of excellent, as they are incredibly responsive and easy to get along with. Not to mention the quality of their beef is astounding, and reasonably priced for such a high grade! We use quite a few of their cuts on our food truck and for private events, and highly recommend them for all of your beef needs. As a local business, we do our best to support local at the same time, and we fully support the PCR team and their products.

Justin K. & Justin W. - Two Fat Justins Food Truck
Ashley O

Pumpkin Creek Ranch beef is the best beef out there! I didn't know beef could be this good. You notice the quality right when you start cooking it! We are now forever customers, plus the owners are great people!

Ashley O
Andrew L.

I have been making smoked BBQ for over 10 years now and have cooked everything from choice grade to A9 Wagyu beef. That being said, Jared’s fat content/marbling is second to none. I couldn’t be happier to have found PCR as we use them exclusively when it comes to eating beef. Apart from the quality, I support local business whenever I can and Jared and Kendra are a joy to do business with.

Andrew L.

"Hands down... the best beef around!!! We have tried several different cuts (including some that were new to us) and they all have been deliciously tender. I also appreciate the cooking ideas for the cuts I was unfamiliar with. I would recommend Pumpkin Creek Ranch to anyone looking for quality beef!"

Kimberly M

Great and personal interaction. Explained their cuts of meat and how to cook them. Meat is amazing.

Sherri G

Absolutely delicious grass-fed beef! Proud to support a local farm and a top quality product!

Robin S

BEST beef in the game! The quality is unmatched - the NY strip I ordered and cooked at home was so much better in taste and quality than a steak I would've gotten at a restaurant for double the price. I've ordered a few times now and wouldn't buy beef anywhere else!

Sarah P

Thanks Pumpkin Creek Ranch.... Now I have such an over developed pallet I can no longer go any typical steak house. The marble on my NY Strip was impressive and you are master meat wizards of your craft.

David L

Kendra and Jared are great! We were highly impressed with both them and their product which was delivered directly to my door the same day I ordered! Some of the best beef I’ve ever had! Thanks so much! Definitely ordering more!!

Kayla L

Great memories often include sharing food with those you care about.

We understand how frustrating it can be serving a meal with beef that didn't cook right. You are a good cook, you know what you are doing but it's not you, it's your beef! Stop explaining to your guests why it didn't turn out right and spend more time basking in the glory of a perfect cut, perfectly cooked!

Jared and Kendra - Windsor, CO

Pumpkin Creek Ranch

Get luxury beef here

Grass-Fed, Flax Finished, Flavor perfected!

Consistent, quality beef is hard to find, especially in the cut's you want. Finding a trusted producer who cares about YOU and the meal YOU cook is even harder!

consistent quality - hard to find

It's frustrating not having quality ingredient for a meal that needs to be great!

undergrown beef - no flavor

98% of beef is only grown for 18 months - not grown slowly for flavor - tasteless steaks, ugh!

sourced vs. trusted source

You find a source for beef and then discover they don't have what you want when you want it!

beef - not as it's advertised

No transparency - It's disappointing learning your beef wasn't fed the diet you were told it was!

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