Beef, from the pasture to your table

award-winning flavor you can trust

No Hormones

No mrna

small batch flavor


Nutrient rich

family farm

You deserve to know whats in your Beef!

Navigating the maze of food labels can be frustrating when all you want is to serve the best to your family, guests (or BBQ judges)!

You need food that not only tastes amazing but also supports the nutritional needs and overall health of you and your family.


Our promise to you:


👍 No GMOs

👍 No Hormones

👍 No Additives

👍 No mRNA vaccines

👍No Glyphosate on finishing diet

👍Outrageous flavor (with the awards to prove it!)


This ensures that each cut from our pastures delivers consistent marbling, rich flavor, and optimal tenderness. This quality satisfies the toughest BBQ judges and wins over the culinary critiques of your littlest diners!

Grass fed beef pasture raise prime beef

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Kayla L.

Kendra and Jared are great! We were highly impressed with both them and their product which was delivered directly to my door the same day I ordered! Some of the best beef I’ve ever had! Thanks so much! Definitely ordering more!!

David L.

Thanks Pumpkin Creek Ranch.... Now I have such an over developed pallet I can no longer go any typical steak house. The marble on my NY Strip was impressive and you are master meat wizards of your craft.

Sarah P.

The NY strip I ordered and cooked at home was so much better in taste and quality than a steak I would've gotten at a restaurant for double the price. I've ordered a few times now and wouldn't buy beef anywhere else!

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Why does grass-fed beef taste different than grain-fed?

Why does grass-fed beef taste different than grain-fed?

What’s the real difference when it comes to grass fed beef vs grain fed beef? It’s a question of flavor, nutrition, and environmental impact. Taste the unique gamey note of grass-fed, or savor the rich, fatty goodness of grain-fed? Does your health dictate your choice with varying fat content and nutrients? And what about the footprint your steak leaves on the planet? In this article, we’ll explore these pivotal factors without bias, guiding you toward an informed choice, whether your priorities lie with health, taste, or eco-consciousness. Key Takeaways Grass-fed beef has a leaner, gamey flavor due to the cattle’s...

mRNA Vaccines for Cows?

mRNA Vaccines for Cows?

Pumpkin Creek Ranch beef will never use mRNA vaccines. No matter what "experts" or "industry smart people" suggest, demand, or try to scare us on, we will not adopt this.
What are the best beef roasts?

What are the best beef roasts?

Beef roasts have a long and rich history that dates back to ancient times. The practice of roasting meat first involved an open flame and was cooked for preservation purposes. As human civilization progressed, so too did the methods of cooking and preparing beef roasts. During the Middle Ages, beef roasts, over other cuts, were a staple of the wealthy and powerful. Large, whole animals were roasted on a spit and served to lords, kings, and other upper-class members. This practice was considered high cuisine and was reserved for special occasions and celebrations. Roasts Become Common In the 18th and...

Is American wagyu the only high-end option?

Is American wagyu the only high-end option?

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Fat. The Superior Macro.

Fat. The Superior Macro.

Fat is an essential nutrient our bodies need to function correctly. It is an important energy source and helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E, and K.