5 Factors of Flavor



Years of selective breeding and artificial insemination has led to developing a docile herd of over 700 Red Angus cattle, reducing the presence of excessive cortisol in the meat while increasing marbling.


Finishing Diet

Our cattle are finished on a specific, consistent diet of flax (which raises the Omega-3 fatty acid content in the meat), barley, alfalfa, and millet or oats, hay, and some small grain silage that is all produced on our farm.



We utilize husbandry practices that decrease the animal’s stress, as well as ours. These include using facilities that work with the cow, not against it, and calving in the spring when the weather is more favorable to newborn calves. Limiting these stressors contributes to the meat’s richness while decreasing gamey flavor.


3-Year Lifespan

Most cows are an average of 18 months at the time of processing, which is not long enough for a rich flavor profile to develop. We grow our animals double the time span of conventional producers, allowing enough time for a noticeably richer flavor to develop.


21 Day Dry-Aged

Dry-aging whole animal meat before any cutting or processing occurs both flavors and tenderizes the meat. Also, dry-aging removes the iron taste that is prevalent in traditional “wet-aged” store-bought meat.