Bavette Steak
Bavette Steak

Bavette Steak


Full of beefy flavor, this cut of beef can be very versatile. Marinate your favorite way and grill or cast iron this steak, add some homemade chimichurri on top, and don't forget to cut acrossed the grain!

  • Average weight: 10 - 16 ounces
  • Long-Finish Stock
  • 100% Single-Origin Red Angus Beef
  • Grass Fed, Flax and Barley Finished
  • Hormone Free
  • Frozen & Vacuum Packaged
  • Raised/finished on pasture grass, legumes and small grains/seeds including flax


Est. in nebraska


3rd Generation

Family Farm

retail store


21 day


Pasture Raised

Hormone Free

All Natural