Dry-Aged Beef Hamburger Patties
Hamburger Patties

Hamburger Patties


Grass-fed beef patties that don't shrink when grilled - Pumpkin Creek Ranch beef is aged 3 full years on our farm before being processed and dry-aged for 21 days.  This aging flavors and pre-shrinks these patties so you can grill with confidence that they'll taste incredible and won't lose half their size.

4 (1/2) lb. patties per package (2 pounds total).

  • 80/20
  • 21 day Dry-Aged
  • Long-Finish Stock
  • 100% Single-Origin Red Angus Beef
  • Grass Fed, Flax and Barley Finished
  • Hormone Free
  • Frozen hamburger patties are vaccum packed
  • Raised/finished on pasture grass, legumes and small grains/seeds including flax

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Customer Reviews

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Troy Heller
Only the best For my friends and customers!,

If you care about taste, health and community, then this beef is for you!
I've served it in my restaurants and it's the only beef I serve at home.
It's amazing!
Chef Troy Heller

Est. in nebraska


3rd Generation

Family Farm

retail store


21 day


Pasture Raised

Hormone Free

All Natural