Dry-Aged Beef Kabobs
Dry-Aged Beef Kabobs

Steak Kabobs/Stew Meat

A fire crackles, a pan sizzles, and smoke rolls off mini steak bites and veggies.  Are they staying on the skewer or headed for a bubbling pot of stew?  Are you in the mountains?  Maybe you are just at home?  Either way, you are cooking the finest-in-flavor beef that's been aging years before this moment, just for this moment.  Think about the fond memories you have that are centered around family, friends, and flavor. 
These kabobs/stew are trimmed from aged prime steaks and go great with anything you can slide on a skewer.  If you aren't inspired yet, they also come with an exciting recipe that should do the trick.  You have your people, and now you have flavor and a recipe.  Looks like you have another fond memory coming up!
  • 2 pack (2 lbs.)
  • 21 day Dry-Aged
  • Long-Finish Stock
  • 100% Single-Origin Red Angus Beef
  • Grass Fed, Flax and Barley Finished
  • Hormone Free
  • Frozen & Vacuum Packaged
  • Raised/finished on pasture grass, legumes and small grains/seeds including flax

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Pasture Raised

Hormone Free

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