Top Sirloin Two Pack
Dry-Aged Prime Top Sirloin Steak
Top Sirloin Two Pack

Top Sirloin Two Pack

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Aging beef is really "in" right now, but we only talk about the amount of time the meat hangs in a cooler. How about the amount of time the animal spends in the pasture? These sirloins were grown for three years on our ranch, and you'll taste the difference - we promise!

Cover in salt, sprinkle on some cracked pepper, spread fresh garlic on both sides, and turn up the heat. Cast iron or fire? Maybe both! Hear the sizzle, smell the aging? Eating in luxury is no longer reserved for special occasions. Not when you can cook a Pumpkin Creek sirloin any day of the week!

*Our Sirloins are sold as a two-pack
  • 21-day Dry-Aged
  • Long-Finish Stock
  • 100% Single-Origin Red Angus Beef
  • Grass-Fed, Flax and Barley Finished
  • Hormone Free
  • Frozen & Vacuum Packaged
  • Raised/finished on pasture grass, legumes and small grains/seeds including flax

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Evan O.
Get these... don't buy grocery store sirloin ever again.

We're never going to the grocery store for beef ever again, Pumpkin Creek Ranch is where it's at! The flax & barley finishing gives their beef a flavor that's unmatched, and because it's hormone free, my family's hooked! 🙌

Est. in nebraska


3rd Generation

Family Farm

retail store


21 day


Pasture Raised

Hormone Free

All Natural